Tarts Full Product List

Whole Tarts, Tortes, Logs – 12 Portion
Apple Crumble Pie (APP3)
΄French Style΄ Fresh Apple Tart (FAPF)
Fresh Apple & Black Cherry baked with Almond Crust Tart (FABC)
Fresh Granny Smith Apples with Black Cherry Filling in a baked Almond Crust
Fresh Apple Crumble Tart (APPC)
Fresh Apple Strudel (APST)
Fresh Fruit Flan (FRUF)
Lemon Meringue Pie (LEMW)
Crunchy Biscuit with our Baked Lemon Curd, piled with Meringue
Melk Tart Ring (MELK)
Peach and Almond Baked Tart (PEAAF)
Pecan Nut Tart (PENP)