Fresh and Frozen Individual Desserts

Tiramisu (TIR1)

(20 p/case)

Teardrop Duo of White & Dark Chocolate Mousse (DCMI)

(20 p/case)

Chilled Cheesecake with Various Toppings (TUBSCC)

(24 p/case)

Trio of Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Pot (TRIO)

(20 p/case)

Banoffee Slice (BANP)΄NEW΄ – Rocky Road Slice (ROCKY)

Fudgy Chocolate Cake enrobed with Marshmallow Crisp Biscuits, drizzled with Chocolate Ganache (24 p/case)

 ΄NEW΄ – Cappuccino and Coconut Snowball (CAPPUC)

Light Cappuccino Mousse, draped in a White Chocolate Ganache rolled in Flakes of Coconut (12 p/case)

Mississippi Mud Pie (MMPI)

Rich Dark Chocolate Mousse on Chocolate Brownie Bits and topped with White Chocolate Shavings (24 p/case)

‘NEW’ – Bar 1 Mousse (BEA3)

Airy Milk Chocolate and Bar 1 Mousse (24 p/case)

Banoffee Slice (BANP)

Toffee and Banana Slice Mousse seated on a Crisp Pastry base, garnished with Banana Chips (12 p/case)